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Dubai Business Bay, UAE
By EstateUp

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InvestUp is the tool for the investor to track the progress of the project in a timely fashion and recieve curated updates



CompareUp is the tool which allows investors to review the projects based on the most important factors, such as investment amount, project timeline and location



NetworkUp is the tool which allows investors to become part of the EstateUp global community and connect with them in order to share various investment tips



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We have something else in mind which is very exciting within the real estate sector. It’s not been done before and we are currently working on building this solution for you. Let’s give you a small teaser: Real Estate transactions have always had four parties involved. The buyer, the buyers broker, the seller and the sellers broker. In essence, the transaction only needs the buyer and the seller so why are the other two parties involved? With our new innovative solution, we will revolutionize this business and ensure every transaction comprises of just the buyer and the seller. We will let you know soon how this will be done, so keep watching this space.

About Us

The first project to be crowd funded globally was the Statue of Liberty. Before the Statue was about to be delivered, they realized they didn’t make the pedestal upon which it would stand. Out of funds, the public released an ad in the paper asking people to contribute whatever amount they could in order to complete this iconic structure. They were successful and the Statue was placed in New York. Crowd funding has evolved drastically and now through the use of technology, developers can reach thousands of potential investors by listing their project online. These investors can in turn browse through various different projects and choose to spread their investments in order to aim for the best possible return. EstateUp plans to bring this industry within the MENA region in order to allow the majority to get involved in a sector which was previously limited to the minority. EstateUp is a crowd funding platform which allows real estate developers to raise funding from common investors by offering them participation rights. Established in 2015, EstateUp has offices in UAE and India with a combined experience of 18 years within the Real Estate sector. The team comprises of real estate moguls, legal consultants, investment bankers, serial entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts.


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